Peer Review 2

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Peer Review 2- Due November 7, 2023

The website I am reviewing- PRAEVALLI RAJAH Adventures and Shenanigans

From a glance at the website, I understand that this website is about Praevalli’s life, her experiences, her thoughts and the things she does on a daily basis. I like the concept of having a digital diary to log your thoughts and experiences, as it can be accessed from anywhere, shared with anyone and is something personal and honest. After reading her blogs, I feel like I already have an introduction to who she is, her background, and her daily shenanigans!


The landing page of the website shows a collage of aesthetically pleasing pictures. I like how it has a 3-2 collage view which is perfectly aligned. This gives the viewer an insight into what the website is about without using texts- an intro pic to the author followed by aesthetic pictures of nature and a lit SFU Burnaby field. I feel that the home page has a quite simplistic design which some may find accessible, but I feel that it can be arranged properly using a sidebar. That way, the author can add more design elements to the landing page while also making the website more accessible.

Links and Menus

The header has the needful menus as noted in the POSIEL website requirements. The About Me page offers the viewer a concise and clear introduction to the author. POSIEL menus work as required and she is caught up with all the posts and mini-assignments as well! Something I would like to point out is that a couple of links on the homepage do not work (as shown in the recording underneath) but that is an error that can be easily rectified (“About Me and PUB 101” links). Next, I feel like there is no need to have a “Home” link in the header when the title of the website (on the left) is already a link to the home page.



I like the beige background with the black text, as it provides a good contrast to the reader and does not hurt the eye even in a low-lit setting. I figured this out as I was exploring her website on my phone at night and realized I could clearly read everything even when my phone’s brightness was low. The beige background provides a “night mode” view at all times.

Blogs and Posts

All the blogs and posts Praevalli uploaded are of the utmost quality, free of grammatical mistakes and concise. These posts seem personal and honest, which aligns with the purpose of the website, so I would thank Praevalli for sharing this with us. I like how every post has a heading which makes the life of the viewer (and grader) easier. The process posts are to the point and show that she is following the class content and understanding the topics. I see steady progress in learning, which is very good to notice! A couple of things I would like to point out is how there can be more media used in the posts and adding a featured image to the process posts makes a big difference. “Week 5 process post” and “night-life tendencies” blog posts have a featured image but the others do not.

This is a screenshot of the list of process and blog posts from











Overall, I enjoyed going through the website and I wish all the best to Praevalli for the rest of the semester. Once she rectifies the noted feedback, and with guidance from the TA, I can see this website being a solid piece of work. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to conduct this peer review and I am looking forward to seeing how Praevalli progresses in this class!

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