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Analytics (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) – A Valuable Tool for Building Audience


This week’s readings were especially interesting as they talked about digital footprints, making money from ads and donations on your website, SEO, etc. Starting off with the first reading, I realized how many “breadcrumbs” of data I leave behind every day, every time I use my phone. Like Amanda (from the reading), I check the weather app which uses my location, I check for bus times near me, have my location on for my family, and countless other things that I don’t even think about. I read a quote which said, “our digital footprints are the echoes of our online presence, quietly revealing the story of our habits, interests, and routines.” This resonated with me, prompting a deeper reflection on the implications of our interconnected lives in the digital age. Just as we navigate streets and leave traces of our presence, our online activities create trails of data. It became clear that our digital footprints are not just casual imprints but integral components shaping our online identities.

The discussion on monetizing websites through ads and donations added a practical dimension to the readings. It made me appreciate the elaborate web of strategies employed by creators to sustain their online platforms and also make a living out of it. Learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was particularly interesting as it is something I did as my first job. I was the social media accounts handler for four companies where I wrote blogs and made social media posts to boost the companies’ online presence and bump them higher in Google search results. The reading talked about understanding how algorithms work to prioritize content on search engines and the importance of visibility in the vast online landscape.

Process and Updates-

This week, I came across a new plugin called “Image Alt Text” which helps add alt text to multiple images at a time and also provides a list of images that need an alt text. This has especially been helpful as it increases my website’s accessibility as well as makes my life easier to add alt text. This also helps me in SEO purposes and has increased my website’s visits. I plan to use this plugin as well as keep an eye out on Google Site Kit to track my website visits as well as how they reached here!

Screenshot from the "Image Alt text" website to show how the plugin works
Sample page when using the Image Alt text plugin

This week in class, we talked about online communication, advertising to our audience, monetization of our content and some class expectations and what to expect in the coming weeks! This week, I will be working on Mini-Assignment 4 and my Essay for this semester. I have prepared a rough draft of what I wish to write, which helps me gather my thoughts as well as structure my essay.

Stay tuned!

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