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Process Post 3…

So the story of my website building continues. I have had a steady momentum making my website and there are lots of new features that I came across. I have made a list of all these and hope to add them over the next few weeks. I have been making drafts and seeing previews of how components look (placement).

This is a good week to talk about this as we discussed this in class and our readings related to placement and design as well. In this week’s reading, I learned about the three affordances of social media – “anonymity, persistence, and visibility”. This reading was rather interesting to me as a young adult as I progress and dive deeper into creating a good, honest and professional online presence (for job search and digital footprint).

Two things that stood out to me from these readings:

  1. Social media provide increased opportunities and challenges to manage self-presentation.
  2. Self-presentation is moderated by the technological and social affordances of social media platforms, such as anonymity, persistence, and visibility. And, social media users respond to content provided by others in an effort to manage their online image

So far, I have made menus and submenus for POSIEL and for my phone blogs. The home page of my website (landing page) is where users can see the latest posts and they also have a shuffle option which displays a random post from my site.

A screenshot from to show the sidebar accessibility showing all recent posts
Fixed sidebar menu for quick toggling

UH OH. The one problem that has been prevalent is the placement of my featured image. I have spoken to our TA about it as well. The featured image is supposed to be a thumbnail for the post and shouldn’t then be viewed in the body of my post, but the theme I chose displays it as a featured image as well as a body image for the post. This is the one drawback I have noticed in this theme. I have accepted this and now made better-looking featured images that I am ready to live with even if they are part of my blog’s body. In hopes of countering this, I am going to reach out to the creator of the theme and see if they can fix this (even in the theme’s free version).

I have created an Instagram account to broaden this website’s online presence. Find us @rannyspub on Instagram.

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