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We are approaching the end of the semester, and I feel now is a good time to do some recap of everything I’ve added (and deleted) from my website. This post goes through the design decisions and accessibility ideas I came up with.

On my website, I noticed some inconsistencies and will be fixing them in this last week of classes. What I noticed in my recent posts is the format I used and I will be adapting this in my other posts too. I added some more accessibility features which I will discuss later on. My task for this week is to incorporate feedback from the peer reviews and make the necessary changes.

Starting off with the readings for this week, I found the reading the most interesting. I can’t say I am surprised with the numbers showcased on page 2, but at the same time, it is shocking. 435,000 apps downloaded per minute in 2021? This is insane! On page 52 of the reading, we see the most downloaded social media apps in the world in 2021, and Meta is the leading company. WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram make up most of the downloads.

Moving on to the next reading, Deep Web vs. Dark Web, was an interesting read as it highlights the differences between the surface web and the dark web. I have always been curious about the dark web and how people spend months trying to access it. I haven’t made any attempts to do so, but still interesting what we can find on there.

In class, we had Trevor Battye, a partner in Clevers Media, come and give us a presentation on how we can monetize our websites and businesses. He is also a sessional instructor at SFU and seems like a fun teacher to have. He shared his life story with us and also went on to give some tips on how we can monetize websites from students in the class.

Moving on to accessibility, here are some features I have been working on to add to my website:

  1. Adding alt texts to images
  2. Adding captions to my images
  3. Use headings to structure content posts
  4. Ensuring descriptive URLs and videos
  5. Avoiding small font sizes
  6. Adding a floating accessibility plugin
  7. Having a simple URL so people can easily access it

I also chose to have similar coloured featured images for each numbered process and content post. For example, Process Post 9 and Content Post 9 would have the same coloured featured image so the user can see a pattern on my website, hence contributing to the site’s accessibility.

example of similar colored featured images for process posts, content posts and the category of mini assignments
A pattern of similar coloured featured images for increased accessibility

Lastly, this week, we worked on mini-assignment 5 and our term essay. I chose to write about AI and will be making some more changes to it.

Ciao for now!

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