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Google Pixel 8 Pro Review: One of My Favourite Phones on This Website

I’ve had the chance to explore the Google Pixel 8 Pro for a week now, and I’m thrilled to share my hands-on experience with you all. I am especially excited to write this review as this would be the phone I would get for myself if I were to buy a new one. This phone has impressed me with its array of features and capabilities. It’s clear that Google has made significant strides in refining its Pixel lineup, and the Pixel 8 Pro is the epitome of that evolution.

Setup & Design – 10/10

The setup process was effortless. Transitioning my data and settings from my old Android phone to the Pixel 8 Pro was as simple as bringing the two phones close to each other and opting to copy everything over. In just a few minutes, my new Pixel 8 Pro was ready to go with all my apps, account info, and settings intact. All my app info was saved and my other data was synced to my Google account. I was able to get everything I needed transferred over and I was up and running in less than 30 minutes! This is the beauty of the pure, stock Android on this phone.

The design is subtly different from its predecessor, the Pixel 7 Pro. The Pixel 8 Pro is slightly more rounded around the edges, and the matte back is a delightful touch. It feels great in my hand, providing a comfortable grip and a nice tactile experience. I just didn’t wanna let it go!

Photo of the Pixel 8 Pro in the black and blue colors, surrounded by wireless earphones as well as a blue google watch
Pixel 8 Pro and a Google devices ecosystem

Camera 10/10

The camera features on the Pixel 8 Pro are a game-changer. An easy 10/10 for me. The new Best Take tool is particularly incredible. It allows you to take multiple photos of a shot and then select the best image. It is something like the iPhone live photo, but also different. You can even choose different options for each person in the photo and combine them into a final, perfect shot. Now this is what I am talking about!

Software & Performance – 9/10

The Pixel 8 Pro comes with Android 14, offering more customization options for the look of my phone, including icons, wallpaper, and fonts. The generative AI wallpaper mode, which uses AI to create unique wallpaper designs, is a fun addition and I came up with many random wallpapers before I went back to the one I had on my old phone.

However, despite being equipped with Google’s Tensor G3 chip, the phone’s performance isn’t as smooth as I would have expected. Scrolling through Google’s own apps like the Google Play Store and Google Photos felt jittery, with consistent stutters. I am really not sure why this happened but I am sure it will clear itself out. I had a similar thing happen to one of my previous phones and it resolved itself, I didn’t even notice it

Specs showing the differences between the Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8
Specs of Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8

Unique Features – 9/10

The Pixel 8 Pro has some unique features that make it stand out. The screen protector mode increases the screen’s sensitivity, ensuring that the responsiveness isn’t hampered by a protective layer.

Another feature that I found useful is Face Unlock for accessing banking apps. It speeds up transactions, making the process of paying for things on the go easier and quicker. This capability is made possible by the Tensor chip’s machine learning advancements.

Lastly, the Summarize feature, which uses AI to offer a summary of a webpage, is a fantastic tool for quickly understanding the gist of an article. This is an interesting feature, especially for a student as it helps summarize lecture slides as well as readings!

Final Thoughts

Despite the performance issues I had, the Google Pixel 8 Pro has a lot to offer. Its design, camera features, and unique tools like Face Unlock and Summarize make it a strong contender in the smartphone market. If you’re looking for a phone that combines simplicity, functionality, and a bit of fun, the Google Pixel 8 Pro could be worth considering.

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